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  • What is a public adjuster? +

    Insurance Claim Help staffs Florida Licensed Public Adjusters that are hired by an individual or business (policyholders) to negotiate with your insurance company for the highest settlement possible on a property damage or business interruption claim.

  • What if my insurance company has already assigned an adjuster to me? +

    The adjuster your insurance company assigns to you works for the insurance company and therefore, has their best interest in mind. Our Public Adjusters work for you, the policyholder, to obtain a fair and just settlement. Most often, the insurance company’s adjuster offers you a settlement that falls short of compensating you the full amount of your loss.

  • Why can’t I just file the claim myself? +

    You certainly can, but you run the risk of accepting a settlement that could be far less than you are entitled to. Insurance policies are often lengthy documents filled with language that may prove confusing to the policyholder, and can be open to interpretation. Insurance Claim Help staffs adjusters that have years of experience with insurance companies, in estimating and negotiating claims. In fact, our Public Adjusters handle the entire insurance claim process on your behalf—keeping you informed along the way. Research shows that Public Adjusters negotiate higher settlement amounts than if you were to file the claim yourself.

  • I’ve already settled a claim, is it too late to try to recover more money? +

    In many cases, Insurance Claim Help can reopen your case. The rules vary from state to state, however our public adjusters will review your claim to see if you legally qualify for more money. If you do qualify, we will work diligently to recover the fair and just settlement you are entitled to.

  • How is Insurance Claim Help compensated? +

    There are no upfront costs to you, the policyholder. The law states that we can only be compensated if we can settle your claim. After your claim is settled, and upon receipt of your entitled proceeds, we are paid a small percentage of the net settlement. In other words, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

  • If I hire a public adjuster will my insurance company raise my rates or drop me? +

    You have the right by law to hire a Public Adjuster. Should your insurance company raise your rates, or drop your policy due to hiring a Public Adjuster, it would be considered a significant violation of the law.

  • Can I benefit from a public adjuster? +

    If you own property, whether residential or business, and you have suffered a loss, you can benefit from the services provided by Insurance Claim Help. We are experienced in damage by fire, smoke, wind, water, sinkholes, mold, vandalism and theft. If your business has been interrupted, your are entitled to recover losses incurred as a result of the loss event.

  • What is business interruption? +

    If your business suffers damage, your location may become unusable. You then may incur fixed costs such as rent and utilities, as well as suffer from a loss of income. Most commercial policies include some type of business interruption coverage as standard property insurance does not cover the loss of income caused by the temporary closure of the business. Business interruption coverage typically covers:

    • The costs and expenses incurred by your business during the period of time your location is unusable.

    • The income your business would have made during this period.

    • Costs for moving and operating from a temporary location.

    Commercial insurance claims require the understanding and diligence to accurately calculate your financial loss due to an interruption of business. Many policyholders are unaware they even carry buiness interruption coverage, and many are in doubt as to how to approach the loss calculations. Insurance Claim Help has the experience to recover your lost income due to business interruption.

  • Are your Public Adjusters licensed? +

    Absolutely. Our team of public adjusters are licensed and bonded in the State of Florida. Our adjusters are required to pass the state examinations as well as continue their education with classes and certifications that affect new laws regarding insurance companies, policyholders and claims handling.

  • When should I contact Insurance Claim Help? +

    After suffering any type of loss to your residential or commercial property, you should always first contact you insurance company immediately. If your business is interrupted due to the loss, you should call your insurance company. After notifying your insurance company first, you should then call Insurance Claim Help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Allowing us to help you from the beginning of your claim can result in a higher settlement amount, and save you time and hassle of dealing with your insurance company.

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