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  • Mold Damage Insurance Claim

    Mold Damage Insurance Claim

    Insurance company underpaid $2,415.49 for this mold damage claim. ICH Florida secured a fair and just settlement for $16,029.97 to repair the home properly—making it safe and livable.

  • Homeowner's Mold Insurance Claims

    Homeowner's Mold Insurance Claims

    Our licensed public insurance claim adjuster is also a licensed mold remediator in the state of Florida. Trust your mold insurance claim to a professional with experience.

  • Mold Insurance Claim Denied

    Mold Insurance Claim Denied

    We inspect and locate mold to provide damage assessments to your insurance company. We negotiate with your insurance company to secure a fair and just settlement.

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Mold can be a hidden danger, threatening your property, health and lifestyle. Since it is not always apparent or visible, the discovery of mold requires quick action to remedy the situation.

Once mold has been discovered in your home or business, great attention should be given to inspect any and all signs of mold and mold related damage. Often damage from mold can signify additional damages, such as a roof leak or plumbing leak. A thorough inspection from Insurance Claim Help results in a detailed estimate and course of action to build your insurance claim.

This course of action not only includes the assesment and negotiation of your claim with your insurance company, but also can define proper mold removal techniques, and a line item detail estimate illustrating the tools, labor and materials needed to repair the affected area.

Contact Insurance Claim Help to ensure you recover the full benefit you are entitled to on your mold damage claim.


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$16,029 Mold Damage Insurance Settlement

This homeowner was paid $2,415.49 by their insurance company for a mold damage insurance claim. After engaging Insurance Claim Help Florida, we documented the damage and negotiated for a fair settlement of $16,029.97, enabling the homeowner to have a professional remove mold-affected areas and return the home to a safe, livable condition.

Florida Licensed Mold Remediator #MRSR2542 FLDBPR

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