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There is a great deal of discussion on whether to inquire about the services of a public insurance adjuster or to hire a lawyer after a loss or when you have property damage. The decision to select either a public adjuster or a lawyer really depends on the facts of your individual claim.

Every insurance claim is different whether it is flood damage, fire damage, storm damage or any kind of natural or man-made disaster, you may run into issues after you file a claim with your insurance company. Your claim may go smoothly and your insurance company may work with you ethically and provide the appropriate amount of financial reimbursement for your property damage. But, if that is not the case you may need someone to work on your behalf.

Insurance Claim Help, Inc. is a state licensed public adjusting firm that specializes in representing homeowners and commercial buildings back to the insurance company for a fair and accurate settlement. We are required by the state of Florida to renew our license every 2 years and be familiar with the state’s latest insurance laws and regulations.

You may want to retain the services of a public insurance adjuster very early in your claim process. We can help you determine if the initial settlement offer from you insurance company is fair and if it is in accord with similar claims in the area and the prices paid for similar repairs or replacements. We can also look at the information in you policy to make sure you are aware of the maximum you can receive and if the insurance company is working within those guidelines. If you insurance company is working within the law and upholding the integrity of your policy, then public adjusters may be your best bet to get the best possible outcome from you insurance claim.

However, if you insurance company is not working within the law, and is not adhering to your insurance policy, then it may be time to talk to an attorney. Understand, that attorneys make the most money by litigating or going to court and by hiring an attorney, your claim may very well end up in a legal action. So an attorney may really be your very last resort when it comes to your insurance claim.

Before it gets that far, contact Insurance Claim Help, Florida. We will help you understand your claim, give you an unbiased estimate of your damage, and help you understand your rights. We will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and work to get your claim closed and money to you in as little time as possible. If ICH Florida is involved early in the process, then we may be able to help you forgo a trip to a lawyer by getting you the money you deserve.


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