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Insurance Claim Help offers expert consulting, advice and assistance for any and all insurance claims. If you have a claim for damage resulting from wind, hail, hurricanes and tornados, water, flood, plumbing leaks, mold, fire, smoke, theft and vandalism—even if your claim is ongoing or has been denied—we can help.

Here’s just some of the professional services we provide:

Appraisal Umpire

Many policies today have an appraisal clause that can be invoked by the insurance company or homeowner (policyholder). This clause requires two independent appraisers, one representing the insurance company, and one representing the homeowner, “argue their case” for or against claims when a dispute arises. Both appraisers must agree on the choice of an appraisal umpire—an unbiased party that determines the appraisal award. We have the experience to resolve claim disputes as an Insurance Appraisal Umpire. Our knowledge of residential and commercial property repair and remediation, along with our background and understanding of the insurance claim process, makes Insurance Claim Help a sound choice.

Insurance Appraisal Clause: Independent Appraiser

If a dispute over an insurance claim arises, the appraisal clause can be invoked to resolve the claim. This process involves two independent appraisers, each one representing the policyholder and the insurance company, respectively, and an Appraisal Umpire—who makes the ultimate decision in the matter. Insurance Claim Help can serve as an independent appraiser, putting our knowledge and experience in the claims process to represent you. Thorough documentation, presentation of the facts of your loss and expert interpretation of the policy language help make a case in the dispute with intent of a fair and just settlement.

Insurance Claim Estimating, Appraisal and Consulting


Our Public Adjusters can inspect and estimate any and all damages for the policyholder—whether residential or commercial property—and provide a detailed, industry-standard report for your claim.

Insurance Appraisal

We frequently work with attorneys and contractors to assist in preparing a defense for an insurance claim. A contractor might need to re-open a claim based on discovery of additional damage, or an attorney may require an expert to substantiate and/or document damage for an insurance claim—Insurance Claim Help offers sound advice and qualified experience to mitigate your case or claim.

Consulting and Cost Valuation

Is this damage covered? Am I properly insured? Insurance policies are complex—often written using complicated language and industry terms. And, the language in your policy might seem like a “gray area,” where you interpret it differently than the insurance adjuster does.

A consultation with Insurance Claim Help can clarify your policy details and educate to make an informed decision:

  • What your policy covers
  • What isn’t covered
  • Limits and deductibles
  • Inspection and detailed cost estimates

In a short time, you can have a better understanding, and expert recommendation of the type of policy you need to protect your property and assets.


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