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Anywhere in the state of Florida, a sinkhole is a realistic threat. Sinkholes, or even ground settlement by geological means, can cause extensive damage to a home or business. Cracked foundations and sagging doorways to homes completely lost—a sinkhole event causing damage is difficult to recover from.

Many insurance companies will immediately recommend repairs, such as grouting, to minimize their losses. Repairing a structure after a sinkhole event almost always guarantees problems in the future.

In our experience with sinkhole claims, we tend to see many of the the following issues:

  • Repairs that have failed from a previous claim.
  • A new claim where you feel ignorant as the insurance company has an “expert”.
  • A pending claim where we find the policy holder is uncertain that the insurance company’s offer is fair.
  • A claim denied due to wrong or misinterpreted information in geotechnical reports.

If you find new cracks in ceilings or walls, loud noises or popping sounds, doors or windows that don’t operate properly or ground depressions on your property, you should be aware of the possibility of a sinkhole.

Insurance Claim Help can assist in building a Florida sinkhole claim against your insurance company. Our knowledge and understanding of these events can often assist your insurance company’s claims adjuster in taking a favorable position on the loss. Unless you have specific coverage for sinkholes, the language used in many policies allow for an interpretation that could deny your claim.

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