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  • Pipe Break Insurance Claim

    Pipe Break Insurance Claim

    Insurance company paid $2,124.83 for this pipe break claim. ICH Florida secured an additional $7,563.35 to cover the cost of all flooring damages.

  • Slab Leak Insurance Claim

    Slab Leak Insurance Claim

    $20,152.96 settlement after initial insurance payout was underpaid at $13,000. ICH Florida proved water damages resulting in a new kitchen.

  • Water Damage Claim Denied

    Water Damage Claim Denied

    $12,500 settlement after homeowner sought help from Insurance Claim Help Florida Public Adjusters. The claim was initially denied.

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Damage from water is one of the most common claims to homeowner’s policies. A pipe burst or leaky appliance can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, condominium or business.

Because it is so common, the language your policy uses is often technical and allows for your insurance company to interpret that language to their benefit. And its at this time that many policyholders find out as to what is covered and what is not covered under their policy.

Insurance Claim Help can assist in the interpretation of that confusing policy language—ensuring you receive the maximum allowable benefit as outlined by your policy.

Our Pubilc Adjusters work fast to get on the scene, evaluate and document your damages and immediately begin the process of recovering the money you need to make the proper repairs and replace your property.

Using our detailed estimating and claim management software, we put our experience to work for you, from uncovering all of the damage caused by water to build your water damage insurance claim to recommending the proper clean up and construction methods, allowing you to return to life before soggy carpet and swollen cabinets.


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$12,500 Water Damage Insurance Settlement

A wind storm and subsequent roof leak resulted in damage to the homeowner's kitchen and laundry room. The insurance company denied the claim. ICH Florida's Public Adjuster worked on behalf of the homeowner to obtain a settlement for $12,500.

$33,222 Pipe Break Insurance Settlement

A contractor was removing a cabinet and didn’t disconnect a pipe—it burst wide open, causing damage to the 1st and 2nd story. The contractors insurance was slow to pay so the homeowner hired ICH. We reached a settlement of $33,222.00.

$17,500 Water Damage Insurance Settlement

Insurance company denied the claim stating "The water damage must enter through an opening". There had to be an opening or water would have not entered. With thorough documentation and review of the homeowner’s policy, ICH secured a fair and just settlement of $17,500.00.

$40,000 Additional Water Damage Insurance Settlement

A pipe break destroyed this custom kitchen & flooring, and the insurance payout wasn't enough to cover the costs to bring the property back to it's original condition. ICH recovered an additional $40,000 to rebuild and return the homeowner back to the quality of life they expected.

$9,000 Water Damage to Laminate Floors

Something as simple as a water line to your refrigerator’s icemaker can cause thousands in damages. This homeowner returned to find water flooding the house from a faulty icemaker water line. ICH helped determine and document all damages, including those unseen, and garnered a $9,000 settlement to replace all of the laminate floors.

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