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  • Florida Wind Damage Insurance Claim

    Florida Wind Damage Insurance Claim

    Homeowner was paid $2,222.84 by insurance company for wind damages to entire roof. Strong wind can lift shingles, causing permanent damage, and often requires complete replacement. ICH Florida worked to receive an additional $12,500.

  • Hail Damage Insurance Claim

    Hail Damage Insurance Claim

    Insurance company DENIED this hail damage claim where hail stripped granular material from asphalt shingled roof. Our public adjuster negotiated a fair and just settlement for $17,500 for this homeowner.

  • Wind and Hail Damage

    Wind and Hail Damage

    $23,500 settlement after insurance company underpaid homeowner $11,500. Extensive wind and hail damage to roof, patio and fence was documented by Insurance Claim Help Florida.

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Your Recovery from Wind and Hail Damage is our Priority.

Rebuilding your life and property after suffering a loss from a wind or hail damage is a formidable task. Our seasoned Public Adjusters can help you recover from a disaster by maximizing and expediting your claim settlement with your insurance company.

Florida is no stranger to wind and hail damage, and Insurance Claim Help can lead you through the claims process no matter what part of the state you reside in. A free, full inspection of your property, and policy, ensures that we document every detail of your loss and provide the means for a fair and complete settlement. We work on your behalf to estimate and record wind or hail damages, meet with your insurance adjuster, and finalize the terms of your settlement—keeping you informed through every phase of the process.

Insurance Claim Help is dedicated to your recovery and our years of wind and hail damage claim settlement experience can provide you with the help you need, when you need it the most.


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$23,500 Wind and Hail Damage Insurance Settlement

A wind and hail storm damaged this homeowner's roof, fence air conditioner and screened porch. Insurance company underpaid the claim at $11,498. Insurance Claim Help reopened the claim and settled for $23,500, a 104% increase over the original claim.

$34,000 Wind and Water Damage Insurance Settlement

Each of the chalk circles in the photo below marks permanent roof damage from hail. These shingles also suffered from “lifting” due to high wind—the shingles lift and expose the roof to water damage. This homeowner saw water damage from the top down, coming in under the shingles, through the ceiling and even out of light fixtures. The only remedy is to replace the shingled roof. ICH negotiated a final settlement of $34,000 for a new roof and to repair all subsequent damage.

$25,000 Wind and Tree Damage Insurance Settlement

This homeowner’s roof was damaged due to a fallen tree and shingle lift due to high winds during a storm. While the eaves took the brunt of the tree damage, tree limbs pierced the roof and ceilings of a number of interior rooms. Their fence was destroyed as well. ICH estimated, documented and represented the homeowner to receive a fair and just settlement of $25,000. We also followed up to ensure the damage was repaired properly and reported the work to the insurance company to maintain compliance with the policy and terms of the settlement.

$9,000 Wind Damage Insurance Settlement

This homeowner’s porch and patio area was damaged by wind during a storm. ICH worked to document, estimate and file a claim on behalf of the policyholder. We work fast—this claim was settled for $9,000 within seven days of the initial claim report—allowing the owner to quickly return to enjoying a quality of life.

DENIED: $8,600 Hail Damage Insurance Settlement

This homeowner called us after their insurance company denied the claim. The insurance company’s adjuster inspected the roof and reported "no hail damage." The photos below show the telltale signs of hail damage to a shingled roof—the small circular areas on the shingles with an absence of granular material. ICH flipped the denial into a settlement for $8,600.00 after documenting, estimating and reporting the damage on behalf of the policyholder. We’re your advocate.

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