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A damaged home can have a substantial impact on your life. Not only do finances become stressed as you unload large sums to contractors but your focus becomes engulfed with the anxiety of rebuilding your home and finances to what they had been prior to your loss.

Countless homeowners fail to collect the full settlement amount recoverable simply because they are not aware of the ins and outs of the claims process. This adds to your loss and equates to more money out of your own pocket.

Put Insurance Claim Help to work for you today, and maximize your settlement while minimizing the impact on your life!

A home is most likely the largest investment you will make in a lifetime. As a homeowner, you will go to great lengths to protect your property and the health and lives of those you share it with.

When you suffer a loss to your home, great care should be taken to inspect, assess and create a detailed plan to restore your property, and lives, back to normal.

Insurance Claim Help’s team of Public Adjusters put their experience to work for you to ensure damages are estimated properly, minimize the stress of filing an insurance claim, and maximize your recovery.

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In the event your home in uninhabitable due to a loss, your homeowners policy entitles you to the additional expenses of having to temporarily live elsewhere while repairs are being made. Although the amounts and terms of this coverage differ from policy to policy, you are generally granted moving costs and expenses to cover lodging, meals and other unavoidable living expenditures. Under these circumstances, insurance companies are responsible for maintaining your normal standard of living.

For example: The Additional Living Expense should reflect the value of your dwelling at the time of your loss; whether you live in a $3 million mansion or a $250,000 condominium. If your home is uninhabitable don't settle for less than you are entitled to. An Insurance Claim Help Publis Adjuster has the expertise to assist you during this difficult time.

If your home has suffered damage from a windstorm, water, flood, mold, vandalism or theft, fire and smoke, earth movement or sinkhole, then you may incur considerable expense for temporary housing while your repairs are being made.

Condominium claims are one of the most extensive and time-consuming claims we handle. However, with a success rate of virtually 100%, our experts have learned to understand the needs of the association, its' board of directors and its unit owners or tenants.

For that reason, ICH has created a Property Managers Program unique to the industry enabling our professionals to cater to the specific needs of the property and to coordinate communication among the parties involved.

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